Monday, January 9, 2012

If only I were a yoga instructor...

As the new year slides its way into my daily routine, (and the catch phrases that come with it such as, "New Year, New you, Live your Best Life," etc.), I find myself wishing I were a yoga instructor.

If I were a yoga instructor,  I wouldn't have to ponder "game plans" and how to "schedule-in" exercise.  I wouldn't have the burden of constantly thinking about getting up from my computer and MOVING.  It wouldn't even cross my mind to add "daily exercise" to my New Year's Goals.  (Sadly adding exercise to this year's resolutions was a fleeting thought.  It never actually made the paper.)

If I were a yoga instructor, I would be in a 24/7 Zen state.  No caffeine fix here.  And no caffeine early- pm crash either.   Herbal tea would be my guy.   There would be blood circulating through every cell of my body and I would feel great.  I would trade-in my post-holiday fatty sweats for yoga pants and tank tops.  No stiff shoulders, lethargy, and posture induced gastrointestinal issues.  Exercise would be a given.  A no-brainer.  I would just show up to work.

I would look 8 years younger by just the concentrated, daily healthy breath alone!  I would really connect with others, human to human, sharing the benefits of health and a peaceful/rested mind.

Any profession you've ever pondered, if salary/benefits/schedule/etc., didn't matter?

In all seriousness,  having one's health is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our loved ones.   I may not go and get yoga certified this year, but I will make more of an effort to keep and improve on my physical and mental health...before my computer chair and mouse become permanent appendages.