Sunday, October 23, 2011

Neglecting the Blog

So many topics have entered my mind the last few weeks on what  I'd like to blog about. Topics such as cloth diapering, (obvious choice), marriage and relationships, (James and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary), wanderlust, (need I say more?), leaving Facebook (because I suffer from internet social anxiety disorder), big business health insurance companies (boo on them), Kawasaki Disease (my 4 year old was diagnosed and treated with it during the summer), and parental guilt, (being a work at home mom has its challenges.  How much time am I on the computer vrs how much time I am present for my little ones), to name a few. 

Modern life has been fulfilling yet exhausting the last few weeks.  With work, Dr's appts,  school functions, etc., I' find that I'm falling asleep shortly after my little ones.  I am yawning as I write this, so I think I will excuse myself and take yet another night off from my beloved blog.

Of course, before I close shop for the night, I shall twist this in my favor by stating how liberating it is to turn off one's computer or cell phone.  Make a day of it...or two.  You'll be surprised at how much more time you have and how you spend that time.  (I'm bad enough with my laptop, I can't imagine owning a smart phone as well.) 

Before I sign off, I will mention that I'm starting a new book, The Thirteenth Tale. When I finish, (at my current rate, this will be most likely be in the new year), I will report back on my experience.  Feel free to join along for a discussion.  The Thirteenth Tale at Amazon  
Peace out.

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